Hair care service list

Our Cutibless team provides many kinds of hair care services.


This is one more addition to the innovations that has been brought by the surgeons in CUTIBLESS. This unique technique was developed by the research team of CUTIBLESS after many years of experience. In this technique, the ultimate aim of the surgeon is to give the ‘highest level of density’ to the patient suffering from baldness. This highest level of density is achieved by the following steps in addition to the Bio-stimulated FUE

➢ Extracting 200-300 grafts at a time and immediately implanting them with Choi or KEEP implanters.
➢ The implanters follow no touch technique- hence root of the follicles are not manipulated or injured
➢ The distance between implanted grafts is very less, so that the density achieved is very high.
➢ Along with PRP, we use the GFC solution to stimulate the hairs. This results in very high density of transplanted hairs, smooth texture and faster growth.