Skin care service list

Our Cutibless team provides many kinds of Skin care services.


Our skin is bestowed with a wonderful colour and tone. Each individual is unique in their skin colour, tone, type and texture. The reason for skin colour is the presence of melanin pigment which is stored as granules in melanocytes or pigment containing cells. More the melanin, darker is the skin. Lesser the melanin, lighter is the skin. It is not the melanin which makes a person unattractive, rather, it is the uneven and excess distribution of melanin that is not desirable. In general we call it pigmentation which is, abnormal and excess deposition of melanin in the skin.

Causes of Pigmentation

  • Melasma- patchy pigmentation on cheeks

  • Post inflammatory pigmentation due to acne, injury, skin disease, excess cosmetic use etc.

  • Photopigmentation due to prolonged sun exposure, also called tanning.

  •  Birthmarks- nevus of Ota, melanocytic nevi.

  • Freckles/sun spots, seborrheic keratoses etc.