Hair care service list

Our Cutibless team provides many kinds of hair care services.


In this technique, as the name suggests, everything we do is in micro method. The instruments we use are of smaller size, the incisions we make for extracting the grafts/follicles are extremely small. In usual FUE method, the punches used to excise grafts are of more than 1.0mm diameter. This led to wider scars in the donor area and subsequent moth eaten or see through appearance. But in micro-FUE, the punch size used is 0.6 to 0.8 mm
diameter only. This helps in harvesting more grafts without causing wider scars in the donorarea.


Advantages of Micro-FUE:
➢ Donor heals in less than 48 hrs.
➢ Very small, virtually invisible scars in the donor area
➢ Bleeding during surgery is very minimal
➢ Chances of folliculitis in the donor area is reduced.
➢ Very good aesthetic results
➢ Graft survival rates: upto 80-85%