Hair care service list

Our Cutibless team provides many kinds of hair care services.


Modern hair transplantation depends on a principle first described by Orentreich in 1957 as donor dominance.According to this principle, hair taken from the permanent hair-bearing rim of patients with androgenetic alopecia (donor area) and when transferred to non-hair-bearing areas of the scalp (recipient area), continues to grow in its new site for as long as it would have in the area from which it was taken. Hair transplantation is not only an art but also science whichhas been improving since the day of its invention.

Techniques of Hair Transplantation:
Three major techniques for hair restoration are in use which include

We deliver what we promise Quality treatment Hospital setup with cardiac monitor Panel of doctors including physician, anaesthetist and surgeon attending each patient. Thorough computerized Hair and scalp analysis before planning surgery.

  •  State of the art Operation theatre, not any other saloon or clinic.

  • Safety- Multi parameter Monitor throughout surgery

  • Relevant blood tests before surgery Experienced team

  •  Entire procedure performed by doctor.

  •  Best and natural results

  •  Refined micro instruments.

  •  Trade mark methods

  • Thorough Hair analysis

  • Minimal or virtually nil wastage of grafts.