Hair care service list

Our Cutibless team provides many kinds of hair care services.


This is a more advanced and refined technique in which along with the micro-FUE method, we enhance the graft survivability by adding purified Recombinant growth factors and Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) to the holding solution and also use them during implantation. Adding these growth factors will enhance the graft uptake, healing time and survivability(85-90%). The grafts will grow faster and the density achieved after surgery is very high.

Advantages of Bio-stimulated FUE
➢ The donor area heals faster with almost invisible scars.
➢ The shedding phase post transplant is shortened
➢ Most of the hairs enter the anagen phase after implantation due to stimulation provided by the growth factors
➢ Good natural density obtained
➢ Survivability of grafts is 85-90%.