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Laser Hair Reduction (LHR)


What is it?
       Hairs have to be present in the appropriate site and in the appropriate number. Thick shiny bouncy hairs look beautiful on a lady but not on her face, arms, legs or anywhere in the body. This generation needs to have that flawless silky skin. Flaunting the skin, needs confidence and above all that perfectly looking skin without hairs. Since time immemorial, humans have been using crude methods like waxing, shaving and plucking. Even though these methods are cheaper and easily available, they are not free of side effects like in-grown hairs, blebs, irritation and rough skin. And they are to be done repeatedly. With the advent of laser technology which specifically destroys hair follicles, it is now possible to have soft, silky, smooth and hairless skin.

How does it work?
   Laser energy is very specific and acts on the stem cells present in the hair bulge area through extended theory of selective photothermolysis. These cells are necessary for new hair growth and they are destroyed partly in every laser session so that there is almost permanent hair reduction.

How many sessions are required?
   Usually 6 to 8 sessions are sufficient in women who have no hormonal abnormality. Hormone-independent areas like underarms and bikini areas respond very well to laser hair reduction in 6 sessions. However, hormone-dependent areas like the above-lip, chin and neck may require few additional sessions. Those who have PCOS(polycystic ovary syndrome) and other hormonal imbalances require 12 to 15 sessions for more than 90% reduction in unwanted hairs.

How often do you need to undergo the sessions?
   Usually there has to be a gap of 6 to 8 weeks between each session. However, some parlors and unqualified centers in order to have robust business and revenue do LHR repeatedly and very often like once a month and even less than that. This is not scientific because laser acts on hairs which are on growing phase(anagen) and there has to be sufficient duration so that optimum anagen hairs grow before you do LHR.

What all areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

   Any hair bearing area on the body can be treated with lasers. Above-lip, chin, neck, face, arms, legs, body, underarms and bikini area are the usual areas.

Are there any side effects of laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal is FDA(Food and Drug Administration, USA) approved for the treatment of unwanted hairs. It acts only on hair follicles and doesn’t affect the skin. It may cause mild burning and redness on treated areas which will subside in 2 to 3 days. Other than this, it doesn’t lead to roughness, dryness of skin. It is also a big myth that laser hair removal can cause hairs to grow thicker and coarser than the pre-existing hairs.

    In CUTIBLESS, we use the most advanced and latest technology diode laser which is suitable for Indian skin. All sessions are monitored by Dermatologists and even they perform the procedure in difficult and resistant cases. All our therapists are well trained, friendly and professional which will make the entire procedure soothing and memorable and pain-free. We use ice-cool-super hair removal probes for faster and painless treatment. We do perform multiple-pass techniques in resistant hirsutism. We not only remove hairs, but also treat hirsutism in a holistic approach addressing all aspects of hormonal imbalance. The sessions are customized according to the patient’s skin type, colour and indication. Appropriate dosing and technique will be used in CUTIBLESS in a hospital environment unlike parlors and salons. Cutibless is the Best Hair Transplant and Hair Clinic in Bangalore.

    Hairs are of three types on our body. Terminal, intermediate and vellus. Terminal hairs are thicker longer and coarser. These are usually present on the scalp, underarms, pubic area and body. Vellus hairs are less darker, thinner and finer, usually present on arms, legs and body. Intermediate hairs have features in between terminal and vellus hairs. Triple wavelength laser emits laser light of three different wavelengths- 755nm,808 nm and 1064nm.

These wavelengths of light will target vellus, terminal and intermediate hairs distinctly. Hence it is safer in all skin types with all types of hairs.

   Going shirtless needs confidence and a hairless chest. Only six-pack abs does not add to the beauty to male body. It also requires nice grooming. Men can go for laser hair removal with our diode super hair removal which takes less than an hour to remove entire chest and abdomen hairs. They can also get rid of that extra hair above the beard line, between the eyebrows and even forehead. They can have a perfect groomed look without having to undergo shaving repeatedly which may lead to cuts, bumps and boils.

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