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"Is a Hair Transplant the Solution for High-Grade Baldness? Exploring Options in Bangalore"

Hair Transplant Results

In recent times, hair loss has become a major cosmetic concern for people all over the world. Many people ignore it since it might not be obvious initially. It can be a painful experience, though, as time goes on and the loss becomes more noticeable. Due to its negative impacts on psychological health, this frequently results in depressive symptoms.

Hair Loss Progression:

A common method for assessing the type of hair loss is the Norwood classification, the stages are outlined below:

Stage 1: The entire hairline is elevated on the forehead and isn't actually going bald.

Stage 2: Recession is minor on the mid-frontal area and triangular on the sides of the frontal area.

Stage 3: On the edge of something. Triangular recession deepening may also involve vertex hair thinning.

Stage 4: There is still a significant hair band between the frontal and vertex hair losses despite additional frontal hair loss and a widening of the vertex hair loss.

Stage 5: Expansion of the hair loss in the front and vertex areas and persistent disruption of the hair line that divides frontal and vertex baldness.

The band or bridge of hair vanishes, combining vertex and frontal baldness.

Stage 6: Only the side and back of the head display a hairband.

Hair Transplantation:

The only way to treat hair loss permanently is through hair transplant surgery, which is still a very popular cosmetic procedure worldwide. Several criteria, including age, Norwood classification, the degree of baldness, and the health of the hair follicles in the donor area, influence the treatment plan that is chosen for hair loss.

Hair Transplant Procedure:

Baldness can be treated with a variety of methods, such as PRP therapy, medicine, and hair transplants. Despite their effectiveness, drugs may not always produce long-term effects, and stopping them could cause hair loss to return. In contrast, platelet-rich plasma therapy is useful but limited in its use for advanced baldness. It is only advised in particular circumstances.

Usually, hair transplantation is seen as a final option for treating baldness. To fill in the intended bald patch, hair follicles from donor locations are extracted and implanted. Patients can choose to have it done at any point in their hair loss journey because it is an elective operation.

Cutibless the Best Hair Transplant in Bangalore:

Cutibless, recognized as the Best Hair Transplant in Bangalore, offers advanced hair transplant procedures tailored to individual needs. With unparalleled expertise and results in the global hair transplant industry, Cutibless provides hope, confidence, and transformative results.

Hair Transplant Effectivity for High-Grade Baldness:

For severe baldness, a hair transplant is the only option. Hair transplant therapy can successfully treat high-grade baldness when the right strategy, technique, and treatment planning are used. When treating severe baldness, the Combination approach is seen to be the most successful. Thus, let's now explore the specifics of the Combination approach, which has the potential to produce amazing outcomes in terms of natural-looking hair growth and high density.

Combination Technique:

The Combination Technique, pioneered by Cutibless, is particularly effective for severe baldness. By combining FUT and FUE methods, it maximizes hair graft harvesting in a single session. With 3000–3500 grafts from FUT and 2000–2500 from FUE, over 4000 grafts can be transplanted, ensuring natural-looking density.

Benefits of Combined Technique of Hair Transplant:

The benefits of the Combination Technique are manifold. Not only does it provide ample grafts for high-grade baldness, but it also safeguards the donor area for future sessions. Minimizing follicle damage, ensures optimal transplant success.


For those grappling with hair loss, Cutibless provides hope, confidence, and transformative results. Experience the difference with Cutibless, where every transplant is a testament to our dedication to restoring your natural beauty and confidence.

Book your consultation today at Cutibless, to embark on your journey to hair restoration and regain your confidence with the Best Hair Transplant in Bangalore.

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