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Mastering (FUE) Hair Transplant for Natural Hair Restoration: Your Ultimate Guide with Cutibless, the Best Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Updated: Jun 16

Best FUE hair transplant in Bangalore

Understanding Hair Transplant at Cutibless: Best hair transplant in Bangalore

Hair loss is a widespread concern affecting individuals of all genders. Whether it's male pattern baldness or a receding hairline, choosing between living with baldness or opting for a hair transplant is a personal decision. If you’re considering a hair transplant, you’ll be pleased to know that Cutibless offers the best hair transplant in Bangalore, providing advanced and effective solutions for hair restoration.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant involves removing healthy hair follicles from the donor area, typically the back of the head, and implanting them in the balding area, known as the recipient site. Thanks to advances in hair transplantation, the transplanted hair follows the normal growth pattern of the patient, making it appear virtually natural.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are the primary surgical methods used to address baldness and hair loss. Both procedures are available at our facility, providing affordable and the best FUE hair transplant services.

Advanced Non-Touch FUE Hair Transplant

How is the Procedure Performed?

Advanced FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) differs from conventional FUE in terms of the treatment that follicles receive during the process. Here’s a detailed look at how FUE is performed at Cutibless:


The head is shaved and cleaned.

Local anesthesia is typically administered to the scalp to minimize discomfort during the procedure.


Once the anesthetic takes effect, the surgeon uses a micro-punching tool to extract hair follicles from the donor area.

Follicle Preservation:

The extracted follicles are placed in a protein-rich growth serum (Platelet Enriched Plasma) drawn from your blood to enhance graft survival.

Hairline Design:

While the follicles are in the Platelet Enriched Plasma solution, the surgeon designs your hairline for graft implantation.


The grafts are then carefully implanted into the bald area according to the design, aiming for a density of 40 to 50 hair transplants per square cm.

FUE Recovery Time

The recovery period following the hair transplant procedure involves specific expectations and guidelines.

Day 1: You can go home the same day after the surgery.

Day 2: Return to the clinic to have the bandage removed and the implanted area dressed.

Day 3: Rest at home.

Day 4: You can return to work.

Day 8: Visit the clinic to have the implanted area cleaned. After this, no scars will remain, and no one will be able to tell you’ve had a hair transplant.

Results of an FUE Hair Transplant

Hair grows at a natural pace after an FUE hair transplant, going through the complete development cycle from anagen to telogen. Here’s the timeline for results:

  • 2-3 Months: Initial hair growth in the transplanted region.

  • 12-16 Months: Full results become evident.

  • Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation

  • Reduced healing time and no pain.

  • Less time spent in the surgical chair.

  • Suitable for both men and women.

  • Optional hair transplants for body, face, and eyebrows.

  • Higher survival rate for hair follicles.

  • Natural results with no visible scars.

5 Things to Avoid After a Hair Transplant

Fast Food Consumption:

Fast food is convenient but lacks the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. Opt for a nutrient-rich diet to support recovery and hair growth.

Smoking and Drinking:

Alcohol causes dehydration and can prolong recovery. It's advisable to refrain from consuming alcohol for the initial five days post-procedure.

Quit smoking well before your hair transplant. Nicotine can increase blood pressure and impair blood flow, hindering new hair growth.

Strenuous Exercise:

Avoid heavy exercise for the first-week post-procedure. Light activities like brisk walking, yoga, and tai chi are recommended.

Applying Ice to the Scalp Directly:

Avoid touching or applying ice directly to the transplanted area for the first three days. Be gentle with your scalp to prevent irritation.

Assuming You Won’t Lose Hair:

It’s normal for transplanted hair to shed initially. Don’t be alarmed; new, stronger hair will grow in its place within three months.


Understanding the hair transplant process and following proper care instructions can significantly enhance your results. If you’re considering a hair transplant, choose Cutibless, the best hair transplant in Bangalore, known for its advanced techniques and successful outcomes. Make an informed decision to transform your appearance and regain your confidence with natural-looking hair restoration.

For more information and personalized advice, visit Cutibless, the best hair transplant in Bangalore, and begin your journey to a fuller head of hair today.

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