Hair care service list

Our Cutibless team provides many kinds of hair care services.

Strip harvesting/Folicular Unit Extraction (FUT)

It is also called strip harvesting technique. A strip of skin is excised from the back part of the scalp(occipital safe donor area) and individual grafts are dissected and implanted on the recipient area. The results with this technique are good. However, it will result in a linear scar and the donor area which may look unsightly if the person wants to keep the hairs short. The post operative pain and discomfort will be prolonged in FUT method. There are chances of wound dehiscence and scarring which may be visible if one keeps the hair short on the back of the scalp. In recent days, it is done only when large number of grafts are required and hence this method can be combined with FUE method for more coverage in advanced grades of baldness.