An Introduction

Excess pigmentation is due to excess melanin synthesis or deposition. This occurs predominantly due to excess sun exposure, after any skin injury or as a part of skin disease

    • Tanning: Who doesn’t love to holiday in beaches! But at a cost of tanning? No worries, Cutibless provides you the best treatments to reduce the tan in few weeks with its micromedifacial technique.
    • Melasma: this condition is very frustrating both to the patient and to the doctor. However, with CUTIBLESS’ specialised facials and lasers, which is done every 2-3 weeks, this can be reduced up to 90%. You have to be under strict sun protection and on maintenance while on this treatment.
    • Uneven pigmentation: Many of us have that uneven skin tone. It is a dream to have that flawless skin tone. With CUTIBLESS’ laser toning which is done every 15 days evens out tone and texture of the skin