Hair care service list

Our Cutibless team provides many kinds of hair care services.


This technique is adopted from the internationally renowned Ailesbury Hair transplantation centre. The ultimate aim of this procedure is aesthetic hair integration, that means the looks of the patient is given the utmost importance. The results achieved are aesthetic and natural and cannot be noticed by normal individuals. This procedure includes all the benefits of micro-FUE, Bio-stimulated FUE and ultradense FUE. However in addition to these we provide specialised Trichology hair products post procedure designed by our in-house Trichologists and Pharmacists. Low level laser light therapy is also added every month for 6 sessions
from two months post procedure. This stimulates the blood supply to the follicles and strengthens them.A combination of all these approaches ensures we're able to help our patients/clients achieve superb results and avoid baldness.